Even the smallest trailer requires a few key parts in order to function correctly. New trailer owners are sometimes under the impression that they should stay away from scratch and dent parts and use only new parts on trailers. What exactly is meant by the term scratch and dent? Does the special price quoted on a scratch and dent item really make up for the apparent surface damage?

Know What You are Getting

There are three special prices that you are likely to find when shopping for trailer parts:

Floor model: These items are discounted because they have been displayed on the sales floor. They are used to model the product and are often used by salespeople to demonstrate the function of a part to prospective customers. Floor models are sold and replaced every so often in order to keep them looking nice.
Scratch and dent: These items may have received superficial damage during shipping or storage but are still sound products. They may be sold without certain accessories (such as wires) that can be easily purchased at the customer’s convenience.
Package damage: Sometimes the carton that contains the product is damaged during shipping or storage. It is unusual to find a dealer selling a product with a damaged package that has not been open; dealers typically choose to verify that the product is sound before selling it, even if the package is damaged.

Use Caution

Since superficial damage to most trailer parts does not impact their function or safety, purchasing scratch and dent items can be an excellent way to save money on important trailer parts. However, if the part being sold to you is still in the box and the seller cannot describe to you what kind of damage the part sustained then exercise caution.

Buying new, used, or scratched and dented trailer parts from an established and trusted dealer is the best way to get a great deal. You can also look for online reviews to see what other customers have to say about a certain dealer. That way you can buy with confidence.

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