You’re rolling down the road, towing your load, getting where you need to go for work or play, and without warning, your trailer breaks away and becomes a runaway train, poised to barrel into other unsuspecting motorists. This is the nightmare of anyone who has to tow a payload. It doesn’t matter if it’s your boat or camper, your harvest or your livestock, it is the worst scenario imaginable.

Titan’s top-quality Disc Brake Kit and BrakeRite Electric-Hydraulic Actuator offers state-of-the-art trailer braking. When you press the brake pedal in your truck, the electronic actuator applies the trailer brakes, and this kit allows for Breakaway Kit installation (sold separately) so you’ll never have to live the towing nightmare again.

Tow- Ready Breakaway Kit takes the fear out of your hauls, be they long or short. Our 1-2 Axle Breakaway Kit for Electronic Brakes features a 5 Amp battery with LED tester, battery charger, and breakaway switch.
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