Dealers design their trucks to have powerful performance under the hood, and great body design that is appealing to truck owners. What they don't offer are all the cool accessories available to make it look as powerful as it performs. Trucks are no longer meant for strictly utilitarian purposes. Why not roll in style? Trailer and Truck Parts has parts and accessories to create an upgraded look on any truck.

Wheels: The easiest way to kick off a high performance look on any truck is with custom wheels. Sure, the wheels provided by the dealer are reliable, but they lack the high-end look that makes heads turn as a truck drives by. Custom alloy ION 137 Chrome truck wheels give an instant upgrade to any truck. Available in 8 lug and 5 lug, the shiny chrome makes these wheels an attention grabbing upgrade. 

Lug Nuts: Red or blue anodized steel lug nuts are another custom part that easily and inexpensively upgrade the look of any truck. For an incognito design, try the high quality black or chrome lug nuts available from Shadow. These lug nuts offer a uniquely badass look that enhances any custom wheel style. 

Hitch: Trucks are made to use, and lugging a trailer full of high performance weekend toys is no exception. Shadow’s 6” adjustable drop rapid hitch with plated steel combo ball means you’ll be ready to hook up and hit the lake or dunes. The plated steel offers a sleek look that means style is never sacrificed for utility. A black powder coated steel hitch cover will ensure a clean look even when the truck isn’t hauling anything.

Custom Built Trailers: Never underestimate the high-end look of a custom built trailer. They offer utility and style to compliment that of the truck to which they’re hitched. Shadow offers custom built boat, personal watercraft, motorcycle, utility and combination trailers. Ensure that every trailer is made to tow the right equipment while looking as awesome as possible by contacting Shadow for a custom built trailer.

Cargo Carrier: Not all trips require a full size trailer. A simple weekend camping trip can fit into a standard truck bed, if you make extra room for firewood by utilizing a stylish cargo carrier. With a 600lb load capacity, the Rola hitch mounted cargo carrier offers visual appeal and strength while providing the extra space needed to make the trip. Perfect for a heavy cooler or extra fishing gear, this cargo carrier’s rise shank elevates it above the exhaust outlet. 

Bike Rack: A good bike rack is a must for any cycling enthusiast or family camper. Don’t settle for a standard bike rack, upgrade with a CURT single arm bike rack from Shadow. They’re available in a multitude of colors, including red, blue, navy, yellow, silver, gold, and green. Ditch the standard black, and stand out with the color best suited to compliment your truck. 

Trucks are powerful and useful, but don’t need to be limited to utilitarian appeal. Shadow offers quality truck parts and accessories that will enhance the visual appeal of any truck. Check out what’s available at today, and create the look each truck owner deserves.

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