Curt Mfg Magnetic Towing Light Kit #53200

Curt Mfg Magnetic Towing Light Kit #53200

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Part Number:ST-53200

Curt Mfg. Magnetic Towing Light Kit #53200 (MATL20-A)

A magnetic towing light kit can make anything you tow "street-legal". Each magnetic towing kit comes with 2 red lights each with a powerful, non-scratch magnetic base, wiring harness, 4-way flat connectors and clips as well as easy to use directions. Your towed vehicle will have brake lights, taillights, hazard flashers, and left and right turn signals all in one system. These functions will be operated by your RV or other tow vehicle.

The  20' cord wiring harness with easy-to-use directions connects to any standard 12 volt automobile lighting system in minutes and you will be ready to go and be "street-legal".

  • 20 foot cord with 4-way flat plug allows for plug-and-go convenience
  • Non-scratch magnetic base
  • Auxiliary magnetic towing lights

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