Damaged, Dent, Scratch, Surplus Trailer Parts

PLEASE NOTE: NO RETURNS ON DAMAGED, DENTED, DINGED AND USED ITEMS. Every so often, we get our hands on some trailer parts that don't look perfect, but they still get the job done. Oftentimes, these parts are new or have been barely used and yet they might have a dent or scratch, or we may get surplus parts in that absolutely have to go - so we'll offer them at a huge discount.

These damaged, dented, or scratched parts will be inspect by our team and you will have the assurance of their integrity and that they will do the job they're supposed to do - if you don't mind how they look, you can find yourself some great deals on this page. So be sure to check here often, because we will get dented, scratched, and damaged parts in our inventory on occasion, and we'll offer them at the best prices possible. And you'll still get efficient shipping and the same great customer service as with all our other parts and accessories!

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