Galvanized Trailer Wheels

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CLICK HERE for a printable 4-Lug, 5-Lug, 6-Lug and 8-Lug Trailer Wheel Bolt Pattern Measuring Template

PLEASE NOTE: Pressure rating is dependent on the pressure rating of the valve stem. Regardless of the stem used, wheel load capacity is unchanged.

Our Trailer Wheels and Trailer Tires have been rigorously tested, to ensure that they exceed DOT Department of Transportation standards.

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15x6 Galvanized 8 Spoke Trailer Rim 5x4.50 Lug 2600 lb max load
Average Rating
Part Number:ST-AW2056012-33195
15x6 Galvanized Spoke Trailer Wheel  6x5.5 Lug
Average Rating
Part Number:ST-AW2056060-43195
16x6 Galvanized Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel 8x6.5 Lug
Average Rating
Part Number:ST-AW2066080-53195