Perks of Outstanding Customer Service


When shopping for new trailer parts online, you can quickly find yourself buried in item numbers, sizes and styles, and a virtually limitless amount of customization options. It is important to keep all aspects of your purchase in mind when shopping. Specifically, great customer service, flexible ordering options, and easy returns all have a tremendous value of their own, and should not be ignored when deciding which company should earn your business.


Going Above and Beyond


The goal of Shadow Trailers is to offer as many of the same perks that a brick-and-mortar store offers, but with the added comfort and flexibility of shopping online. Unfortunately, just about anyone can throw together an adequate website with a built-in shopping cart these days, but it takes true dedication to customer service to really run an online business like we do.


For example, some companies don’t allow you to return items for any reason. We understand that a better idea is to always allow the customer to return a product he or she does not want, at least within a reasonable amount of time. In addition, some companies don’t permit you to cancel an order once it’s been placed—even if it’s only been just a few minutes. At Shadow Trailers we allow anyone to cancel any item as long as it hasn’t been shipped.


Get Started Today


If you’re tired of dealing with trailer part stores that fall flat on their promises, or are nowhere to be found if and when you have a problem with an order, it’s time to make the switch to Shadow Trailers. Give us a call toll free at 800-281-0769 to get started.

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