Maintaining your boat trailer is essential for maximizing it's life to the fullest extent possible. There are several steps you can take to maintain it properly. There are also a couple of products which may help you clean it, and fix it, in order to keep it from rusting, or leaving nasty marks on the sides of your boat.

If your trailer has old and worn out trailer bunks, the things on which the boat rests, you may want to purchase a new set here: Boat Trailer Bunks. Getting a new set to replace old ones which may leave unsightly marks on the side of your boat is always a good idea when necessary. If they are not so bad you can clean them with some simple soap and water, or perhaps with our cleaner, to remove some of the scum that has collected. You should know when they are beyond repair and it is time to get a new set.

To clean the frame of the boat trailer, you may want to get a precision aircraft quality cleaner to get the job done right. Simply put a little of this cleaner on a rag and rub with some elbow grease to clean effectively. You may want to make a solution with part cleaner and part water, and use a sponge to remove some of the scum that has collected on your boat trailer.

Using these simple methods and products, you can have your boat trailer back to new in no time. Just maintain it regularly and it will last a lot longer. Clean the trailer wheels and center caps, and make sure the tires have tread and aren't low. Clean the entire trailer thoroughly using the above steps with the cleaner. Do this regularly will prevent you will keep your existing trailer in tip top shape for years to come!

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