During winters, it is necessary to store your golf cart indoors to protect it from harsh weather conditions. With a few simple maintenance tips, you can ensure that your cart remains in good working order whenever you need it.



Reserve a nice and secluded spot in your garage where you can keep the golf cart protected from the weather. Place wooden blocks in front of the tires to keep them from rolling. This is essential since it may not be a good idea to engage the brake all through the winter. Clean the cart thoroughly to get rid of dust and debris. This is a key step to winterizing your cart as you don’t want the dirt and dust solidifying to form hard cake-like particles in your cart.


Battery Maintenance 

The batteries need to be cleaned properly to enhance their shelf life. Make sure that all the cell caps are fastened and spray the battery (unplug it first) with a solution of baking soda and water, which is a powerful cleaning agent.  A clean battery will ensure that the device will not self-discharge.


Once they have been thoroughly cleaned, add distilled water in the cells. Typically, water should be filled until its level is a just a couple of inches above the plates. This will ensure that the water doesn’t freeze during winter.


Keep the battery fully charged. With full charge, even when there is a severe drop in temperature the battery will not freeze. It can withstand temperatures of up to 60 degrees below zero while batteries that are discharged are known to freeze at even 20 degrees below zero. Once the battery has been fully charged, do not forget to unplug the charger from the cart.


Resting Position

The key switch should be turned to the “Off” position when you park the cart in your garage. It is also essential to switch to “neutral” by using the forward/reverse functionality. It might be a good idea to turn the tow-run switch to the ‘Tow’ mode during storage. The switch is usually located on the base of the driver’s seat. When the golf cart is in tow position, it should be noted that the transmission and batteries will be dis-engaged.  Ensure to keep the cart well protected by draping a tough cover over it.  


When it comes to tire pressure, maintain a pressure of 18-20 psi, which is the industry standard practiced with most golf carts. It would also be advisable to check the owner’s manual to see if you are required to carry out additional maintenance measures to effectively winterize your cart during the winter. 

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