One of the most commonly overlooked, but probably most important, pieces of boating equipment is the boat trailer. Without the trailer, the boat would not make it to the water. Trailers consist of a frame, axles, bearings, hubs, tires, runners, rollers, winch, and lights. Some boat trailers are equipped with trailer brakes. Each piece of the trailer is important and demands periodic inspections.  Keel and bow stop rollers are of special importance because they position and help guide the boat for placement.  With time they may get gummy with debris and work ineffectively, or they will become cracked and brittle from overuse or exposure to the elements.  Many rollers are found on boat trailers that have a hand winch or power winch to pull the boat up onto the trailer.  The rollers are designed to provide a minimum amount of resistance and allow the boat to roll up to the winch stand.  The way the rollers are mounted is supposed to help center the boat as well.

If these items need replacement, at, you'll find our selection of boat rollers, including bow stops and roller shafts exceptional. Our 12-inch vinyl rollers, made by Tie Down, uses an advanced PVC formula delivers outstanding shock absorption, high durability and superior performance that traditional polyurethane rollers just can't offer. Browse through our collection of boat rollers and click on the individual parts that you need. We also carry an exceptional selection of other truck and trailer parts, supplies and accessories, which you can access using our handy site menu on the left side of each page. If you need any assistance, or don't see the exact trailer part that you need, please give us a call at 800-281-0769 to speak with one of our customer support reps.

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