Whether you are transporting a boat, motorcycle, or mobile home, checking all of the parts that are most important will help you extend the life of your trailer and make sure that you never get stranded or end up with damaged goods. Below, you’ll find a number of the things that are the most important to keep tabs on regularly.

Making sure that your wheels are high quality is important, after all these are what you are actually carrying things on. Especially if you are carrying your boat, you’ll be getting the wheels wet over and over again. Greasing the hubs themselves is a good place to start. After every few trips, would be the most important time to grease. Buy a grease gun to do this and use marine grease, which can be the most effective when you are carrying your boat.

The tires should also be held consistent. Tire pressure and condition are important because you’ll take the risk of losing your car and boat if something happens to them.

Lights are important for safety as well. Always make sure that your lights are working properly before you take a trip with your trailer. Check the lights while you press the breaks, make sure that all of the electrical wires are connected properly, and have them fixed right away if they aren’t working.

Weld integrity is something that isn’t as easy to check, but something that deserves quality attention. Bubbling paint is a good place to start, but you can tap each weld with a hammer to test. If you think that you have a rust problem after doing that, use a rust eating agent as soon as possible and use the highest quality paint available. A professional might have to help in this area, though.

These are just the starting points, but every individual harness, weld, tire, hub, screw, and light is important when checking and ensuring quality.

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