Kodiak Disc Brake Kit 12 in Rotor, 6 on 5-1/2 in, Dacromet (DAC) 5,200 lb to 6,000 lb

Kodiak Disc Brake Kit 12 in Rotor, 6 on 5-1/2 in, Dacromet (DAC) 5,200 lb to 6,000 lb

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Part Number:2/RCM-12-DAC

Brakes are vital to the safety of any vehicle and here at trailerandtruckparts.com we only carry the best brake kits including the Kodiak disc brake kit 12”, 6-Lug 5200-6000 lbs. Dacromet Coated Two Wheels cap style 12”, 6 lug on 5.5“ wheel bolt pattern. Kodiak disk brakes come with two universal wheel assemblies per box.

Rotors: Dacromet-Coated (DAC)
Calipers: Dacromet-Coated (DAC)
Mounting Brackets: Dacromet-Coated (DAC)

Two wheel assemblies per box, Universal (left or right) (1 Axle Kit)

The caliper bracket mounts to a 5 bolt brake flange on the axle and will fit inside of wheels that 15” and larger. The Dacromet Coated Caliper has a 2 ¼ stainless steel piston, ceramic brake pads and performance made stainless steel clips. These come with 2 stainless steel guide bolts with installed thread lock and 2 brass bleeder ports. The quality materials used enable these brakes to last 50-100% longer than any others

Benefits of Disc Brakes

There is a good reason why so many people are making the switch to disc brakes for their trailer. At trailerandtruckparts.com, we advocate for total safety as well as vehicle control and the disc brakes are unlike typical drum brakes for a number of reasons. With disc brakes there is a more consistent braking pattern, even on the interstate there is a substantial decrease in the braking torque. Whether driving in the city or on the interstate, there will be the need for quick stopping and a disc brake provides a much shorter stopping distance than what you can expect from drum brakes. Drum brakes have several moving parts, as opposed to the single caliper in a disc brake. Fewer parts, means less maintenance, less damage and a tremendous reduction in maintenance cost.

Kodiak Calipers

The Kodiak calipers sold through trailerandtruckparts.com are made from Dacromet coated cast steel, which prevents flexing. When you have less flexing there is more braking torque, which helps you have a smooth and even brake each time. A larger piston helps to increase torque and an easier short stopping distance and these calipers are 30% larger than a standard piston that are made from have stainless steel and corrosion resistant pistons. Kodiak calipers retract further than standard models allowing for a cooler and smoother brake.

Steel Mounting Brackets

The heavy duty and corrosion resistant steel mounting brackets are also coated with Dacromet coating. They are embossed with an additional threading guide for bolts and designed to fit axles with a five bolt brake flange. The additional strength provided in the threads is assurance of a tighter and more secure connection between the brackets and caliper. Kodiak brackets also have a side support angle to guarantee that your load will be carried by bracket as opposed to the bolts.

High Heat Resistant Rotors

The rotor is an over the hub style and made from solid cast iron to match the SAE specifications. The cap style rotors also have Dacromet Coating to eliminate corrosion and reduce friction under high temperatures. The Kodiak rotors are made to dissipate high temperatures which dramatically reduce the usual high-heat damage.


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