If you are looking for new tires for your trailer, rest assured that we offer the best bias ply and radial trailer tires. At Shadow Trailers, we are proud to offer Nanco brand trailer tires at the lowest possible prices. The Nanco brand has an excellent reputation for providing quality tires, and we recommend it for your trailer needs.

All our tires are OEM and they meet the Department of Transportation’s standards for quality and safety. The DOT requires that tires meet Federal motor vehicle safety standards, to make sure that they can properly support the load of your trailer.

We are devoted to providing products at a consistently high level of quality and safety, as well as getting you the best deal on all your trailer parts. What’s more, we provide free shipping on any order over $99! Please call our toll-free number or contact us through the website when you are ready to get new, high-quality Nanco tires for your trailer.