Purchasing an adjustable, rather than a fixed, trailer hitch means that you can haul many types and sizes of trailers behind your car or truck. However, an adjustable hitch contains more moving parts, which means that it has more pieces that might break or need replacing. You also need to be aware of the hitch class and the weight it is designed to carry; just because you purchase an adjustable trailer hitch does not mean that you can haul any type of trailer.

The biggest pro of an adjustable trailer hitch is that you can adjust the hitch height up or down. The majority of these adjustable hitches use a ball-and-pin method to change the hitch height, and a good trailer hitch requires no additional grease or lubrication to remove the pin and adjust the hitch.

However, the biggest con is that an adjustable trailer hitch has multiple moving pieces that are easy to lose, break or damage. If you do not put the pin in the right place, for example, you risk scratching your hitch or your pin. If your pin becomes dented or bent, it is unable to hold your trailer hitch in place. If you lose the pin, your trailer hitch stops functioning.

Likewise, even though a good hitch does not require lubrication to remove the pin, it is very easy to get dirt and gunk caught around the pin hole, especially if you drive your trailer through dirt roads or other non-standard terrain. Without regular cleaning, the dirt and mud begin to harden, trapping the pin in its hole and making it difficult to adjust the trailer hitch.

Lastly, make sure that your adjustable hitch is able to handle the weight you plan to haul. This means checking your hitch's class and maximum weight as well as weighing your trailer and its load. Just because your hitch is height-adjustable does not mean that it is weight-adjustable.

When you are considering whether to mount a fixed or adjustable trailer hitch, keep in mind that an adjustable hitch gives you more options when you haul, but it also requires a bit more care-taking and maintenance. Look for a hitch that can handle a large amount of weight, so you do not worry about breaking your hitch by trying to haul too much. An adjustable hitch opens up many possibilities for your car or truck, but it is important to consider both the pros and the cons before making your purchase.

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