SIMPLE GREEN EXTREME Aircraft & Precision Cleaner (1 Gallon)

SIMPLE GREEN EXTREME Aircraft & Precision Cleaner (1 Gallon)

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SIMPLE GREEN EXTREME Aircraft & Precision Cleaner (1 Gallon)

Exclusive Cleaning and Anti-Corrosion Chemistry Delivers Superior Performance and Materials-Safety All in One.

  • Meets Boeing Spec D6-17487P
  • Meets Pratt + Whitney PWA 36604revC Tests
  • Non-Corrosive & Low-Foaming Formula
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Hazardous
  • VOC Compliant
Extreme Simple Green®, Simple Green’s new aircraft and precision cleaning product, cuts through tough, built up grease, oil, dirt, pollution, insect residue and impact soils. We’ve found no other aircraft-approved product on the market that matches Extreme Simple Green®’s cleaning performance. Yet, it causes no harm to aircraft structural metals, plastics, paints, or coatings. How does it do this? Extreme Simple Green® gets its superior cleaning from a unique “triple play” cleaning formula. Two high performance surfactants and a new generation grease lifter/cutter combine to get the soil away from the aircraft surface quickly and then keep it away so that it can be cleanly rinsed away. Extreme Simple Green®’s speed of grease cutting and its high capacity to hold grease, oil and soils in solution during cleaning and rinsing time are the keys to performance. This equals fast cleaning and no-redeposition, but Extreme Simple Green is also able to go into oil/water separators and have oil break from solution.

Extreme Simple Green®’s safety upon aircraft materials and precision cleaning surfaces comes from a combination of proven anti-corrosion agents. A time tested coupling agent allows these to work together to battle corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. These same qualities make Extreme Simple Green® safe to put through pressure washing equipment, rack wash systems, dip tanks and parts washers, without any equipment damage.

The components of Extreme Simple Green® are all low-toxicity compounds and the product contains no “solvents”. This leads to an excellent worker’s safety environment. All of the components are biodegradable, so Extreme Simple Green® won’t accumulate in the environment and rinse-waste can be handled by standard waste water treatment methods. Extreme Simple Green® meets or exceeds current and reasonably anticipated VOC requirements. It also contains no Clean Air Act Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), nor is it a RCRA hazardous waste in and of itself when disposed.

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Waiting for Spring to use. If results equal product write-up, I am sure I will like this product. Thank you.
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