The adjustable Ball mount hitch is the perfect solution for many towing purposes. We all have different vehicles such as a truck or passenger vehicle as it is just the same with the trailer you tow behind you. Travel trailers, Boat trailers, Utility trailers, Toy haulers, all vary in height. Some of us own multiple trailers, so picking the right adjustable hitch is key to your safe towing experience.
  • Adjustable ball mounts are available in steel, Forged steel, and extruded aluminum. Choose the appropriate Drop or Rise for your towing needs. All adjustable hitches are labeled with tongue weight and trailer weight towing capacity.
  • Rapid Hitch EZ adjust hitches allow easy switching of ball sizes. Choose your ball size 2" or 2-5/16. Pull the pin, flip the combo ball, replace the pin, and your ready.
  • Adjustable hitches are V-5 rated and tested to exceed three times the limit. This rating is stamped on all manufactured ball mounts.
  • Built for tough loads the towing capacity is up to 14,000 lb and 1,500 lb tongue weight. Adjustable hitches come in all sizes and capacity's, there is one for every towing need.
For the most part, if your looking for your fleet line or personal use. The adjustable ball mount hitch gives you flexibility to move the ball mount up or down independently. The Rapid Hitch allows adjustment in one inch increments for the most level towing experience.

All adjustable hitches are available in 1-7/8" x 2" and 2" x 2-5/16 ball combinations. Heavy duty capacity to secure connection between the truck and trailer. No matter how short or long the trip is. If your looking for a specialized towing solution. The adjustable ball mount trailer hitch is a long lasting with strength and versatility for transporting any kind of cargo.

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