Spare Tire Covers

Remember when spare tires used to be on the backs of almost every SUV on the market? It's a look that is rather adventurous and also allows you to have easy access to the tire when things go wrong. Today, the only spare tires you find are on the backs of Jeeps and in the fronts of trailers, ready to help out on the road without making you wonder where your spare actually is located. 

The problem with most of these tires is that the rubber can dry out over time, and begin to flake, which is why we carry a large variety of spare tire covers for you to choose from. You'll find that we have everything from 12inch to 15inch sized containers, all of which are sold at a reasonable price. 

The cover is rather plain, but think of it as a canvas for you vast imagination to paint on and make yours. We all know we miss those clever tire cover art pieces and sayings!
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