Choosing the best ball mount, or trailer hitch, for your trailer is critical. Different mounts are used in different types of vehicles. The tow pin and jaw mount is more suited to very large vehicles while the pintle mount is used almost exclusively in the military. The ball mount is the preferred tow hitch of trailers because it allows for movement and swivel.

Ball mounts come in a variety of styles. The first step to selecting the best ball mount style is to determine how you need to use it. For instance, if your trailer is fairly small and you expect to be carrying less than 1,000 pounds, then a bumper mount is your best choice. Most vehicles have a hole in the bumper for trailer hookups, making this both the obvious solution and the simplest and easiest mount to use. If you expect your trailer to carry more weight, then one of the best and most popular mount styles is a class 3 receiver. This mount only works on full-size pickup trucks and SUVs, so if you have a passenger car, opt for the class 1 receiver or class 2 receiver. The class 3 receiver allows your vehicle to handle between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds. Only use the class 4 receiver and class 5 receiver if you are carrying heavy-duty trailers.

Selecting the best ball mount styles for your trailer depends on personal factors, such as the size and towing capacity of your car, the size of your trailer and how much weight you expect your trailer to carry. Once you have answered these questions, deciding on the specifics of the mount is much easier.

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