Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Used Trailer Parts

Everyone likes saving a bit of money, and trailer owners are no different. Trailers can be expensive pieces of equipment to own, but you certainly do not want to cut corners on safety or function. Buying used trailer parts is a good way to get the items you need and still save money. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a used trailer or used trailer parts.

Get the Details

Smart shoppers cannot be afraid to ask questions. Sellers are not always able to list comprehensive information about a used part, so it is up to the buyer to find out more. Ask questions such as: 

  • How many miles? If you are buying a trailer, try to find out approximately how many miles it has traveled.
  • When was it purchased? The owner of a trailer, part, or accessory should be able to tell you something about the age of the item.  Also find out if they are the first owner; this is a more accurate estimation of the age of a part.
  • How much was it used? A trailer that was used on a near-daily basis for agricultural work will be in very different condition from a trailer used a few times a year for moving boxes.
  • What are the specs? The owner should be able to tell you information such as maximum load, electrical needs, and so forth. If they cannot tell you the relevant technical specifications of the part you want to buy then you might want to wait.

Should I Buy From a Dealer or a Private Seller?

Many respected trailer dealers sell used and new items. Many customers find it convenient to shop for used parts through a dealer because the dealer has already done a lot of the hard work for them. A reputable dealer of used trailer parts will be able to tell you about the technical specifications and about how the part should be used. Additionally they may be able to offer a limited warranty on the part they sell; private sellers do not typically make this kind of guarantee.

If you need a part or accessory for your trailer, consider shopping for used parts. You can get a great deal. Be willing to ask questions to find out more about the part you want to buy.

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