Haul your Outdoor Gear

Enthusiasts of outdoor sports enjoy the freedom of taking on nature on the backs of personal watercraft, boat, bicycle or motorcycle. The experience is equal parts thrilling and calming. Reaching some of these “off the grid” outdoor spaces may present the challenge of hauling your gear with you. With the right trailer or attachment setup, you and your gear can get anywhere that you want to go.
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TrailerandTruckParts.com Order Transit Times

The following map depicts the FedEx Ground service area that is currently available, and the approximate delivery times from our warehouse in Cypress, California U.S.A.   

Ground service to residential addresses (Home Delivery) in some major metropolitan areas is available Monday through Saturday. 

Ground service to business addresses is available Monday through Friday.

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Gobble up the savings! Save 5% off your order this week only!

Gobble up the savings! Save 5% off your trailer parts order this week only!
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Trailer Disc Brakes Vs Trailer Drum Brakes - Which Is Right For My Application?

Smaller trailers don’t have separate brakes, but the medium and heavy-duty trailers have either trailer disc brakes or trailer drum brakes. In most applications, the trailer brakes work via a hydraulic surge brake actuator. When you step on the brakes, the forward movement of the trailer pushes the telescopic actuator in, which activates the master cylinder and the brakes on the trailer
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Factors to Consider When Choosing Trailer Brakes

One of the biggest changes happened in the 70’s when disc brakes came out, virtually replacing drum brakes. Technology has proven that all brakes work on a heat and friction ratio to bring vehicles and trailers to a stop. Disc brakes are considered far superior to drum brakes for trailers on every level.
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