Trailer wheels require special attention, as they carry diverse and heavy loads with intermittent periods of use and idleness. When the time comes to completely replace your trailer's wheels, the installation process is relatively easy and little different from changing a regular vehicle's wheels. However, a few simple tips make the selection and installation of new trailer wheels an easier process.

First, consider simply buying and installing new wheels whenever you need to replace your tires. Complete wheel-tire sets are comparable to the price of tires alone, and there is no need to mount or balance the tire on an old wheel. This also gives you the opportunity to save one of your old wheels with its tire for use as a spare, as most trailers do not come with spare tires.

To begin the actual installation process, use a tire iron or lug wrench to loosen the wheel's lug nuts before you jack it up. The friction with the ground prevents the wheel from turning as you torque the lug nuts. Next, jack up your trailer. Place a piece of plywood under your jack if the ground is uneven or soft. If your old tire is flat, remember that the new wheel's tire is going to need more clearance for installation than the flat tire needs for removal.

When your wheel is off, take a moment to inspect your wheel hub. If you have never repacked your bearings, it might be time, especially if it is a boat trailer that gets wet. If your trailer has brakes, this is a good time to check your pads as well.

Put your new wheel on the wheel stud, and then put the lug nuts on with the tapered side in. Do not worry about getting the nuts tight at this point; just use your hand. Once the lug nuts are hand-tight, lower the trailer to the ground and use your wrench to tighten the nuts the rest of the way. Tighten the nuts in the order that you use to draw a five-pointed star.

Once you have mastered the basics of changing a trailer wheel, the process becomes exceedingly easy. Changing the second wheel of the pair often take half the time of the first. It is always a good idea to change all your wheels together rather than piecemeal, as this ensures that all of your trailer tires have equal wear.

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