UFP Bearing Protectors with Bras sold by the pair Size 2.328

UFP Bearing Protectors with Bras sold by the pair Size 2.328

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Part Number:ST-UFP07256_ST-UFP05305
  • Pair of Trailer Buddies Including 1 Pair of Trailer Buddy Bras
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by UFP (Unique Functional Products)

Bearing Protector Size:
Bra Size: 23B
Outer Bearing Cone: 14124, 14125A
Outer Bearing Cup: 14276

The only sure way to prevent wheel bearing failure on a boat trailer is with the Stainless Steel Bearing Protector. Bearings fail when they get wet or dirty in the course of normal use. Even short-distance trailering heats trailer hubs. When the hot hubs are submerged in water the air inside them contracts, forming a vacuum which sucks water through the rear seals or around the dust caps. The water and attendant grit will destroy the bearings.

The Stainless Steel Bearing Protector keeps water and dirt from all trailer bearings, period. It simultaneously keeps bearings properly lubricated and extends their service live even when the trailer is subjected to moisture from outdoor storage or frequent submersion in saltwater or freshwater at boat launching ramps.

The protector is a stainless steel barrel that is pressed in the trailer wheel hub in place of the dust cap. Simply remove the dust cap, tap the protector into place (it's designed to self-seat) and fill it with Trailer Buddy bearing grease.

The hub is filled with grease through a grease fitting in the front of the bearing protector. As it fills with grease, an internal piston in the bearing protector moves forward to show the proper level has been reached. the protector even has an automatic pressure control to prevent overfilling and seal damage.

Once installed and filled all you need to do is check the protector's grease level prior to submerging the trailer axles by simply pushing the piston. If the piston does not move or rock, top off the protector with Trailer Buddy bearing grease. Then, launch your boat with confidence.

The Stainless Steel Wheel Bearing Protector has a natural resistance to corrosion. It's so well made that it literally will outlast your boat.

Certain models come with the blue Auto Check ring, a visual lubricant level indicator.

TRAILER BUDDY Brand wheel bearing protectors replace original equipment dust caps on trailer wheel hubs to provide permanent protection against damage from water and dirt entering the wheel bearings. Easily add bearing grease to the wheel hub to maintain proper lubrication and provide corrosion protection. Made of stainless steel, the TRAILER BUDDY wheel bearing protectors spring piston automatically maintains the correct internal pressure that will not damage grease seals.

5 Stars
The ONLY way to go
Makes greasing a breeze and puts a positive pressure from within to keep water out. Bearing Buddy is a trusted brand that others try to copy. Note: Always install new grease seals first.
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