UFP Disc Brakes

Shadow Trailers is proud to offer the Trailer Buddy by UFP. This innovative series of disc brakes is designed specifically for trailers that are used in a marine environment, such as trailers used to haul boats. Water – and especially salt water – can cause corrosion, so it is important that all metal parts that could be exposed to water are treated to withstand these destructive influences. The UFP Trailer Buddy disc brakes have been created to withstand these corrosive effects and to continue to offer superior performance. Our product selection includes disc brake kits, calipers and pads, disc brake rotors, solenoid valves and caliper mounting brackets. You can find everything you need here to install or repair your brakes. Try out the UFP Trailer Buddy disc brakes and discover the difference that these brakes can make to the performance and safety of your trailer.

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UFP DB-35 Disc Brake Caliper Piston Dust Boot #33307
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Part Number:ST-UFP33307
UFP DB-42 Disc Brake Retainer Wire 33155 / 054-106-00
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Part Number:ST-UFP33155
UFP DB 35 Stainless Steel Pad Seat 33003
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Part Number:ST-UFP33003
UFP Pushrod Assembly #35112 Single Drum & Single Disc
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Part Number:ST-UFP35112
UFP DB-42 #33016 Disc Brake Pads (One Wheel Set)
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Part Number:ST-UFP33016
UFP Pushrod Assembly  for 2 Axle Disc Brakes #35114
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Part Number:ST-UFP35114