Be it vacation, or just a quick outing, nothing provides more frustration and aggravation than the lack of cargo room. Once the ATV is loaded into the back of the truck, as well as the coolers, folding chairs, and other necessities, space can quickly become limited. This is where the Rola Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier comes in handy. No longer do items need to be dangerously double stacked and possible damaged,and the family vacation start off on the wrong foot.

The carrier is large enough, at 56 inches wide and 23 inches deep, to fit most charcoal or propane grills, or even several coolers, depending on the need. And the weight capacity is strong enough to make sure that no necessity for the fun day ahead be left behind. And weighing just under 70 pounds, the carrier is light enough to be easily moved about.

Perhaps the most helpful feature is the extended lip design around the entire carrier to ensure that nothing slides off while traveling down the highway, and that there is an easy location to attach the ever important ratchet straps too.

All that is needed for the carrier to work is a standard Class III/IV 2" hitch. Also, don't forget to move the license plate from the vehicle to the back of the Rola, on the provided mounting points. There is also a light kit available, for extra security and safety for travel in the evening and at night.

So for that extra bit of space, or even saving the paint in the bed of the truck, the Rola Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier is a must. Its functionality and versatility make it a must have item for anyone looking to hit the road this summer.

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