If you have a boat and a trailer to take it out to the lake on a warm summer’s day, you’re probably more excited about using the boat than the trailer when you’re making your plans. However, if something goes wrong with your trailer and, specifically, its tires, you will suddenly be more concerned about your trailer than your boat. Here are a few ways to keep your boat trailer’s tires in prime condition so you can stay focused on your boat.


Keeping Your Trailer Outside


If your trailer is kept outside, moisture and the sun are the two biggest threats to your trailer’s tires. To keep the sun from damaging your tires and causing spider web cracks, put covers over your tires if you plan to park your trailer outside for an extended period of time.


When a trailer is parked on wet grass, moisture will eventually seep into the interior of your trailer’s tires and harm them. Moisture may also cause a problem if you store your trailer during the winter.  Instead of leaving your tires on during the winter, take them off your trailer or park your trailer on top of some concrete or plywood.


Motion and Speed


Before you head out for a day on the lake, check the pressure in your tires. When your trailer is parked for a few days or weeks, flat spots may begin to form on your tires. Making sure that your tires are properly inflated will ensure that each tire rotates evenly.


You sould check with your local DMV for your state or county's  laws on speed limit while towing a trailor. The highest reccomended speed is generally 55 miles per hour.


By following these few simple guidelines for taking care of your boat trailer’s tires, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your trip to the lake will be delayed by tire problems ever again!

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