Factors to Consider When Choosing Trailer Brakes

One of the biggest changes happened in the 70’s when disc brakes came out, virtually replacing drum brakes. Technology has proven that all brakes work on a heat and friction ratio to bring vehicles and trailers to a stop. Disc brakes are considered far superior to drum brakes for trailers on every level.
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How to Measure Your ST Trailer Tire

Measuring a ST trailer tire can seem complicated, but it isn't. You have three measurements to follow...first determine the appropriate sized trailer tire and the width of the tire, measure the diameter of the rim, and height of the tire measure from the top of the tire.
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Bias Ply vs. Radial ST Trailer Tires - Which is right for my application?

Two of the more popular trailer tire styles are Bias-Ply and Radial. There are two main differences between the types of tires: how they are constructed and materials used. There are benefits to each, so it is important to consider your needs when choosing the perfect ties.
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How to measure your Trailer Wheel Bolt Pattern

We get this question daily, and the answer is pretty simple.  We'll briefly explain it below along with a downloadable template to help.

Match your trailer wheel to the hub by number of bolts and bolt circle.

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ST Tires...What are they, and are they right for me?

ST or (special trailer) tires are specialty tires that are designed especially for trailers. They are constructed to provide safer driving experiences at high speeds. Like any other vehicle that travels at high speeds trailers tires are subject to blow outs and low inflation.
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